Giuliana Rancic Prosecco Launch Commercial

The challenge for this shoot was to know when to pause filming since there was a busy street outside with many city buses passing by and that there was a fire station across the street that seemed to always have sirens going.

FSBO Home Loan Commercial

The challenge here was that there was a highway about 100 feet from our filming location and it was about 100 degrees out with 70% humidity. My positioning of my microphone and the microphone used was able to minimize the traffic sound and by purchasing and maintaining professional gear none of my equipment failed.

Shell Indianapolis 500 Josef Newgarden “Interview”

The challenge for this shoot was only being able to use a hidden lav and no boom mic while rolling continuously for a single take. I was able to find the perfect location to hide the mic and make it sound as best as it could through all the different environmental areas we filmed in.

Werner Ladders Commercial

The challenge for this shoot was that the last three hours of the shoot day there was a drum core that was practicing and marching around the football field. I recognized how the sound was echoing off the buildings in the area and suggested a place for them to practice that minimized their sound.

Lululemon Lip Balm Commercial

The challenge for this shoot was the reverberant sound of a voice in a locker room. I was able to deaden the effect with extra sound blankets and my choice of microphone.

ConAgra Internal Training Video

The challenge for this shoot was that there was an espresso/cappuccino small business about twenty feet from where we were shooting the interviews. I was able to understand which noises were interfering too much and which were acceptable for the finished project. We were constantly pausing the interviews, but the end result sounds great.

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