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Different commercial productions require different amounts of gear and personnel. JoshuaSounds can scale what’s needed to fit a small or very large production and the audio recorded will shine and make every client happy.


From simple single talent, one camera interviews to multi-talent multi-camera interviews JoshuaSounds will capture audio of the highest fidelity and will be invested in the outcome and proud of the results. You will be as well.


Any narrative production will have its own workflow and style. JoshuaSounds will always follow the flow while recording the best sound and keep the flow going by perceiving possible interruptions and fixing or adjusting them before they can cause issue.

Sound Capture

Why JoshuaSounds Sound Capture Meters

The Value of Experience is Immeasurable

Experience is Knowledge

Knowing equipment, production workflows, and many other elements of a shoot will make a production run smoothly.

Experience is Quality

With years of experience comes the refining of skills, techniques, and testing and purchasing of premium equipment.

Experience is Results

Someone with years of work on productions will ultimately bring in consistent results that you can rely on.

The JS Process

1. Discover

We can start with a call or email and I will be able to discover what your specific production needs are; i.e., is it a commercial, film, interview? How many talent are there? How many and what cameras are being used? etc…

2. Develop

Based on the answers from the Discovery we will determine the necessary gear that will achieve the required results for your production and leave you satisfied knowing you’re dealing with a professional. We will develop a plan of action for the sound department.

3. Deliver

On the day of production the sound department will arrive with perfectly maintained gear that will record the sound as well as it can be recorded using the newest and best sounding equipment. You can be put at ease knowing that what you want we can deliver.

A Word From Clients Sound Bars

The Best Sounds Come From Satisfied Clients

Josh works hard and knows his stuff. I appreciate his attention to detail and concern for perfecting every take. It’s always a pleasure having him on set, he has excellent collaboration skills.

– Sardis Creative

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