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Q. What are your rates?

My rates are quite standard for a professional non-union production sound mixer. Gear rental prices vary depending on the scope of the project.

Q. Do you have gear?

I do have my own gear. It is professional gear that is well maintained so you know it will arrive to set in 100% reliable condition.

Q. Do you have half day rates?

Half day rates are based on having two jobs in a single day and if any time gets adjusted for one of the shoots, the other one suffers. So I charge a full day so you can rest assured I’ll be available for you.

Q. Will you travel for work?

I do travel for work. I have gear that can travel very easily. I also have a passport if needed.

Q. Will you work with our gear?

Professional sound mixers’ reputations rely on delivering professional results. I cannot guarantee results with gear that I do not own, maintain, and purchase myself.

Sound Production in Chicago with Joshua Sounds

JoshuaSounds – Chicago, IL

Flag of Chicago Illinois Chicago is home, but the world is my office.

On any given day you might catch me stopping for a coffee from Dark Matter, or a taco from Big Star or going for a run on the 606. Chicago is my home, but it’s not my office. My office is your production. Your productions have taken me to many places around the world. Just check out my work to see some of the many locations I’ve been in the pursuit of high quality audio capture. If your project happens to be in the Chicago area, great I know it like the back of my hand, if not that’s great too!  My rig and I are ready to travel to get the job done.  Contact me today to schedule a discovery call.